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Bite the Bulliet: A Case Study of Bourbon & BBQ

Move over beer. Burgers have a new best friend and its Bourbon, Bulleit Bourbon to be exact. The Bite the Bulleit platform pairs Burgers, Bourbon and BBQ in a unique way.

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Sea & Smoke

Sea & Smoke pairs five incredible Scotches with five exceptional Oysters. Each have unique characteristics from the regions where they were born, and all pair beautifully with these Oyster choices.

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Aviation Sangria

This Spring Sangria takes flight with Aviation American Gin, Campari and Estancia Pinot Grigio. Sunny skies ahead when we add fresh fruit flavors to the mix.

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Topgolf Tee’s Up A New Cocktail Menu

Menus should be considered brand and category protectors as well as vehicles for storytelling- this is how strategic persuasion results in more sales.

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The Hidden Psychology of Menu Design – An Art to the Nudge

Menu designers use the lessons of behavioral economics to persuade consumers into ordering what the brand wants. Certain real estate on a menu is strategically used to protect profit while other sections are used to encourage impulse buying.

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Menu Engineering – Profitability & Popularity

Menu Engineering – profitability and popularity – how these two factors influence culinary and cocktail “real estate” in menus.

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Old Time Classics Are Driving Innovation

Does tradition outweigh innovation? Making a cocktail so iconic that you’re able to mobilize it anywhere in the world……

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Pick ‘Em Mules – A Serve With Style

Innovation beyond the bottle can turn an average cocktail experience into a memorable and shareable one.

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Legendary Cocktails & Culinary Creations

Ignite consistently strives to bring innovation, strategy and experience with All cocktail and culinary programs. Do your programs need to be fired up?

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We’re going Mad over here. For Mad Anthony’s that is.

Ignite has been working on culinary and beverage R & D for Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce, the brain child of Van Halen bassist, Michael Anthony.

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