Looking for Portable Bar Solutions that grow your Beverage Sales and Enhance Guest Experience? Look no further. Ignite’s Bar-in-a-Box platform is your new best friend.

Stay inside the box? We don’t know how – that phrase isn’t in our vocabulary. At Ignite, we’re constantly pushing the envelope with our capabilities, and with the introduction of opportunities and interests, our clients trust us to explore new avenues. The only thing we’re willing to keep in the box? A bar on the move that has somewhere to be.

Ignite Challenge: the ability to pop-up a bar at a moment’s notice, whether it’s for an event, conference, or even a simple lobby greeting. Challenge accepted.  It didn’t take long for the Account team to jump on this opportunity and begin seeking out operational solutions. With the help of our Lead Mixologist, Tony, and our Operations and Training Specialist, Ashley, the entire team discussed a strategy and implementation plan that delivers the most operationally effective, yet space conscious, portable bar. From here, we engaged our In-house Carpenter, Bjorn, and thus, “Bar-in-a-Box” was born.

Our Operations team then engaged our design team to Ignite their décor skills and get creative. We couldn’t ignore current industry trends coupled with society’s need for an “experience”, so ultimately, the Bohemian and Farm-to-Table inspirations were born. Using these two themes, we collectively worked to stylize and merchandise the final Bar Presentation.

Cheers to another Ignite success for our Diageo client. And, not to toot our own horn but we really nailed it with this one (pun intended). So, Operators when you’re in need of a Diageo “Bar-in-a-Box” – on-site and on the move, who ya gonna call?