Innovation beyond the bottle can turn an average cocktail experience into a memorable and shareable one.


Mule Madness With the rising popularity of the Moscow Mule, a 71% increase from 2015-2018, this cocktail has become the go-to for many consumers.  And in response, operators continue to incorporate their personal twist on this classic cocktail.

The Challenge

Create a platform that allows for a personalized and shareable cocktail experience for the Houston Rockets.

By providing spirit options with Ketel One®, Crown Royal® Deluxe, Captain Morgan® Original Spiced Rum, and Don Julio® Blanco, consumers have the opportunity to integrate their favorite flavor profile.

Now for deployment; we batch the Mules into a copper growler keg to make it a shareable serve. Embracing form and function, this theatrical vessel also preserves the integrity of the cocktail.

A recipe for success was achieved.
On the first night at the Houston Rockets Game at Toyota Center the Mule Kegs took center court.

This unique pour allowed for a more elevated guest experience that stayed true to the “Pick ‘Em” personalization of the program.