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Bulk Foods Direct


Rebrand BFD Nutrition as a means of promoting and driving sales of its health food products and supplements while also infusing the company with a new brand identity.


 After designing BFD Nutrition’s new logo and developing their new brand identity, we incorporated those elements into a custom built website that included original content, E-commerce, blog posts, recipes and social media services.


BFD Nutrition is ecstatic with their new brand and new Web Site, which gives them a fresh, modern look as well as new ways to engage their target audience and customer base. Furthermore, the site not generates new content on a regular basis via blog and nutritious recipe posts, which will help bolster BFD’s already loyal customer base.

Client: Bulk Foods Direct, LLC

ICS Services: Brand Identity & Strategy, Market Research, Logo Design, Architectural Design, Web Development, Social Media, Photography

Category: Design, Interactive, Media