GUINNESS Tour 2014


Tasked by our client Diageo with coming up with a fun and engaging way to sell more GUINNESS®.


We developed a line-up of five beer blends and beer cocktails featuring the famous stout. As a means of engaging GUINNESS® drinkers we came up with a consumer program, which we named “The GUINNESS® Tour.”

The concept is simple: try a different beer blend/beer cocktail with each visit to a participating restaurant/hotel locations and after you try all five you’ll be eligible to receive a commemorative T-shirt that boasts “Completed the GUINNESS® Tour.” To help streamline fulfillment and to ensure the program was legal in the different states where it was executed, we developed a web portal so “Tour” participants could enter their contact information and request their commemorative shirts. Additionally, the site included all the contest rules, regulations, disclaimer, terms and conditions as well as an age gate. Furthermore, the site also included a form designed to capture pertinent contact information along with the ability to upload photographic proof of “Tour” completion.


During a 1-week timeframe the resulting promotional participation was beyond anything we could have expected; so much so that our T-shirt supplies lasted less than a week. Moreover, both our client, Diageo, as well as the different locations that participated, were thrilled with the incredibly positive consumer engagement and results.



Client: Claim Jumper Restaurants & Diageo

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