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Spectre Movie LTO


Develop and launch a 6-week beverage (spirits and beer) program tied to the release of a blockbuster movie title (James Bond: Spectre) across 21 locations, including digital extensions to the program, while increasing beverage sales 30 percent during the promotional timeframe.


As a new client it was difficult to establish a performance baseline for Studio Movie Grill (SMG) given that the James Bond: Spectre promotion was the first program executed by ICS for SMG. That said we set an attainable, yet aggressive, goal of growing beverage sales by 30 percent during the 6-week limited time offer (LTO). To help achieve such significant growth we executed on premise marketing materials including menu inserts/panels, table tents and server cheat sheets. Furthermore, we also leveraged digital displays, including on-screen ads, throughout the 21 movie theater venues to help drive awareness and impressions.


From photography to copywriting to mixology to production, this program was a smash it. Through just the first four weeks of the LTO, ICS was able to grow beverage sales by nearly 54 percent, which is almost double the target growth goal of 30 percent.

Client: Studio Movie Grill

ICS Services: Trend & Market Research, Brand Strategy, Ideation, Mixology Development, Photography, Drink Styling, Partnership & Relationship Building, Operations Development, Merchandising, Training, Printing, POP Development, Social Media and Execution

Category: Design, Interactive, Marketing, Mixology & Culinary, Strategy

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