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TGI Friday Beverage Menu 2015


Develop and launch an annual update to the beverage menu for all 66 restaurants in the system incorporating the new mandated Approved Product List (APL) and include a digital extension to the program, while maintaining the same level of previous year bottom line dollar support.


Since 2008, ICS has been designing and producing cocktail menus for The Briad Restaurant Group – TGI Fridays. Briad hires ICS each year due to our proven positive sales growth, ability to save the company dollars, in-house services and innovative, on-trend beverage development and photography.
Development of the latest menu included:

  • Conducting current data analysis of cocktail & brand, consumer purchasing behaviors and menu delivery acceptance
  • Evaluating store sales data such as Approved Product List (APL), PMIX, PPA, Bev Cost %, and Gross Profit
  • Developing a signature bar book that incorporates a handcrafted look and feel through design, mixology and photography while ensuring continuity of the brand standards
  • Cultivating 67 new recipes through complete mixology ideation and development
  • Designing a menu offering freshly sourced ingredients and current trend profiles
  • Incorporating an extensive training program, outlet-specific operations manuals for both new store openings and current locations as well as a cocktail launch guide touching on modern and classic cocktail knowledge, salesmanship and professional bartender skills
  • Coordinating and developing the relationship and program, tying in the new design through a digital partnership with Ziosk
  • Organizing and facilitating partner programming to ensure all brands are supported and adhere to brand standards


From ideation to execution we’ve delivered amplified results. The previous four years have produced results that have added millions to the bottom line.

Client: The Briad Group

ICS Services: Trend & Market Research, Brand Strategy, Mixology, Photography, Drink Styling, Design, Printing & Fulfillment, Operations Development, Digital Development, Partnership & Relationship Building

Category: Design, Mixology & Culinary, Strategy