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Vintage Motorcar


Within the culture of classic cars, standing out from the crowd is as important as changing your oil. Our client, Vintage Motorcar (VM), the world’s largest manufacturer of the timeless Speedster, is known for their eye-catching cars but lacked an equivalent on-line image.


After completing VM’s new brand identity package that included a new logo design, business system development, photography and videos, we began redesigning VM’s Web Site. One unique and challenging element to the web redesign centered around VM’s desire to have feature-rich and interactive components to their site that included a virtual showroom and dynamic car customizer. The net result was a visually stunning Web Site that included a “Showroom” page featuring the ability for visitors to dynamically customize and price out their own Speedster based on the individual’s desired options. For instance, the “Showroom” page features a base model example of the VM Speedster. As visitors navigate the page they have the ability to add/remove different options to their “dream car” after which the site dynamically updates to display the price of the car based on the perspective buyer’s selections in real-time.

Additional interactive/dynamic features include:

  • Exterior Color Options
  • Interior Color Options
  • Interior/Exterior Option(s) Hover Pop-Ups

Once a perspective buyer is done customizing their car they then have the option to have their newly spec’d and priced car emailed to them, which includes a breakdown of all their custom options and the individual price of each, as well as the total price.


VM is ecstatic with their new Web Site, which gives them new ways to engage their target audience and customer base. They are receiving custom car submissions on a daily basis.

Client: Vintage Motorcar

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