Women supporting women reaches new heights in the culinary world. WCR has been connecting women in the culinary world for over 25 years.

Connection is something we all strive for.  Fueled by an impactful industry event in 1993, Barbara Tropp and Joyce Goldstein were inspired to write the mission statement for Women Chefs and Restaurateurs. Barbara created 10 ways to promote women in the industry, and a platform to give women their well-deserved recognition.

Founded in 1993 by eight of the nation’s top women chefs and restaurateurs, WCR celebrates its 25th Anniversary offering a variety of opportunities for professional development, advocacy and mentorship.

Since its inception, WCR has grown to a membership base of over 2000 members, in increasingly diverse fields of work, including: culinary educators, chefs and restaurateurs, caterers, artisan farmers, butchers, charcutiérs, cheese makers, marketers, authors, publishers, bloggers and more.

WCR Membership provides opportunities for Connection, Education and Inspiration.The organization has grown from an idea to a successful and valuable resource for women to leverage their voice and careers

Learn more at https://womenchefs.org/

Photography by We Are Loftus