Menu engineering is quite the hot topic these days in the restaurant space, and why wouldn’t it be?

There are so many tools out there to help businesses get access to all the info they need to make their concepts successful. But what do you do with this menu data once you find out where the biggest opportunities lie?

Well, that’s where ICS can be of assistance. We provide an in-depth analysis of beverage trends, on-premise competitive set menu research and pMIX study to compare a given concept’s current menu position to that of their competitive set. This data is compiled to observe potential placement gaps and provide recommendations for opportunities to reposition and adjust menu offerings.

The overall goal is to capitalize on sales/volume, streamline or increase the number of SKUs, focus efforts across the system, evaluate price studies and maximize relevant menu offerings to guests. Key areas of focus include:

Beer Trends & Suggestions

  • Wine Trends & Gap Analysis
  • Spirit Trends & Gap Analysis
    • Cocktail Trends & Gap Analysis
    • Cocktails by Type
  • Cocktails by Flavor
  • Opportunities & Menu Suggestions

Additionally, beyond menu content, an effectively designed menu can win over guests and keep them coming back. A smart menu not only embodies the hottest trends, but it also hits consumer preferences at an approachable price point. To achieve this, we look at account industry trends, menu engineering design tactics, potential impact of design, brand placement, inclusion of photography and design elements that make sense for a given concept’s identity. With the development of any new menu, the goal is to increase beverage sales/BevMIX/PPA. Knowing this, we strategize to make an impact and ignite new visual awareness in a few ways:

  • Organization of Current Content
  • Menu Design Elements
  • Strategic Photography to Highlight Hero Menu Items

In closing, we hope we have impressed upon you the importance of regular menu evaluations and analysis. From picturing the right item to where each item is listed on the menu, menu engineering can be a powerful sales tool when it comes to branding and we take it very seriously. As examples, we have included imagery of some of the menus we have had the privilege to work on, including Morton’s, Claim Jumper and TGI Friday’s, to name a few. We look forward to assisting you with bringing your next menu iteration to the tables and guests.