Innovation in a libation or spirit is half the battle. The science behind brand history and engaging guests even before the first sip.

Consumers are becoming more focused on the story behind spirit products. This includes the history of how it was founded, the growing process of ingredients used in the product, as well as distillation and regional location.

Too many brands with no real history and questionable provenance take roads to try and compete with iconic brands. But today’s consumers crave authenticity and cannot always be fooled no matter how hard some try.

Some examples of brands that have connected through their history include:

Jack Daniel’s™ Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s™ is a universally recognized brand, but often for different reasons. Most of its brand position focuses deeply on heritage and tradition. They describe the brand as being rich in stories, which is the key point.

Ignite Creative Services Account Manager Kelly Cassidy says “the best part of working with a brand like Jack Daniels™ is being able to share with others the genuine and authentic background that built the world’s most iconic whiskey.”

Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin, an American-made spirit; is another brand with a unique history. It was the first bartender and distiller partnership for a new spirit. Ryan Magarian was a bartender at the time, and Christian Krogstad was, and is currently, the founder and owner of House Spirits Distillery. Actor Ryan Reynolds who purchased a significant stake in 2018 is now the face of the brand and lends his humor and (authentic passion) for the Gin in marketing campaigns.

Josh Cellars

The unlikely vintner behind the hit wine Josh- as in Josh Cellars. Joseph Carr was born in Vermont, in a blue-collar, Rutland County family. After college, he landed a position as a sommelier before many were familiar with what the job entailed. In 1995, he moved into the international corporate world of wine. After an illustrious career he quit his job and self-financed his own label. Josh Cellars is targeted at Generation X, and the marketing campaign features videos of Carr sharing stories about his father, who was a hard-working guy who liked to rebuild and race cars.