Menus should be considered brand and category protectors as well as vehicles for storytelling- this is how strategic persuasion results in more sales.

Topgolf asked us to develop a menu concept that would streamline the current menu, remove unnecessary items, come up with a design that is both creative and effective, highlight the appropriate products, deliver up-sell opportunity, all to support a marketing strategy that appeals to a millennial audience.

In other words – we had to hit the greens with our biggest driver!

We set out to develop a compelling storyline that not only sets the brand apart from their competition but also provides a signature unique selling position.

Ignite hosted live Zoom meetings with the Topgolf team and vendor participants to discuss trends and revenue within the Liquor, Beer and Wine categories. This process included overall business reviews, marketing and purchasing behaviors, operations and training execution, research and product innovation that aligns with the everchanging consumer standards. Through the menu engineering process, Ignite dove deep into these disciplines and ultimately recommended products that best fit Topgolf’s overall mission for their 2019 menu launch. Additional decision making factors like distribution, activation opportunites, seasonal LTO campaigns and overall calendar specific events helped round out the final list. The 2019 menu is set to rollout in March. We are thankful for the continued support and vendor participation each year that drives it home for Topgolf.