Ignite Creative Services Sets the Golden Globes Ablaze

Stars sparkled and the glitz reached inferno levels at the 2024 Pre-Golden Globes Lavish Suites January 5 and 6. We lit up the show with our Box on the Rocks™ Tipples for Two.

Nearly 200 Hollywood luminaries, from dazzling stars to influential directors and producers, flocked to experience the opulence and unmatched flavor explosions curated by Dubois, Pelin and Associates (DPA), an Entertainment Strategist Company.

“The DPA Golden Gift Lounge 2024 will once again gift nominees in a spectacular worldwide gifting lounge,” says owner, Nathalie Dubois. From jewelry, custom watches, designer bags, shoes, dresses, kilts, and activewear to honey champaign, and sparkling water, the DPA team featured unique and amazing international brands in the Brentwood Suites of the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, including Box on the Rocks™ designed by Ignite Creative Services.

Ignite’s Old Fashioned kit in a box proved to be the crown jewel of the soirée. Hollywood elite embraced the chance to play mixologist, crafting the perfect blend of sophistication and sass in every sip. The atmosphere was electric as celebrities toasted to their success, wielding Ignite’s signature cocktails like blazing trophies.

Nathalie says, “The joy is really, having one of a kind products, that they discover something. The eyes, stories, unique products, unique people. It’s everything I use and I like. I don’t compromise for anything. Everything I choose, because I like it or I use it,” she explains.

But the fiery fun didn’t stop there – whispers of Hollywood’s hottest new trend filled the air. A-listers couldn’t resist the allure of having Ignite’s master bartenders spice up their next office event. Requests were fired off like paparazzi flashes – everyone wanted a taste of Ignite’s magic, and who could blame them?

BBC News segment features Box on the Rocks™ Cocktail Kits. Photos: Alex Bornstein, nominated for Best Supporting Actress; Erika Alexander from American Fiction; Kate Flannery, The Office

“We had close to 200 people in the suite,” says Nathalie. “We entertained Alex Bornstein, nominated for Best Supporting Actress; Erika Alexander from American Fiction,” she says. There were many more like Melora Hardin, The Office, Monk, 17 Again; Kate Flannery, The Office; Shari Belafonte, nominee for The Morning Show; and Janae Collins, nominated for Killers of the Flower Moon. There were dozens of producers and actors from Jury Duty, Ted Lasso, Lessons in Chemistry, Avatar, Abbott Elementary and many more floating through the lounge.

“It was nice to be back,” says Nathalie. “We had a big strike in Hollywood, so it was so nice to be back.” With over 20 years of experience in hosting lavish lounge events, many Hollywood’s elite were impressed with DPA’s event. ”These gifts are amazing,” says Gilles Marini, French actor seen in Daredevil, Sex in the City among others.  “Nathalie always hosts such a wonderful event.

Ignite Creative Services served up a taste or two for the stars and has truly set the industry ablaze, turning the Golden Globes into a playground of flavor and flair. Nathalie says, “I saw the Box on the Rocks™ a few years ago during the pandemic. She (Celia Waddington) came up with a box. And I was just in love with the product. I thought it was so cute.”

Nathalie continues, “It’s the best thing to enjoy a cocktail. You can be at home and have your little cocktail for two and just chill and watch a movie!”

As the stars revealed in the luxury of the DPA Golden Gift Lounge , Ignite left an indelible mark on Hollywood’s taste buds, proving once again that when it comes to turning any event into a blazing success, Ignite is the name on everyone’s lips. 🔥✨

For those who missed out on the Hollywood heatwave, fear not! Contact Ignite Creative Services at and let the flavor firestorm ignite your next event. Cheers to the stars, the suits, and the sizzling success only Ignite can deliver! 🌟🥂