We’re known for delivering Strategy and Creativity vetted through sound Operational experience that nets our clients Results-producing activations.

We embrace the marriage of Marketing and Operations and understand how critical this union is in our industry. What’s the net-net? Impactful and powerful four walls success. We are not a transactional agency – we’re a “do the right thing, for the right reasons, relationship building agency.”

What We Do Best

One of our unique specialties is the marriage of our culinary and mixology acumen. From Corporate to Boutique to Classics, we cover it all. Whether it’s a national account or a single unit, we create unique, easy-to-execute activations, menus and recipes designed to minimize cost and production time while maximizing profitability.



In-House Mixology is a passion and that is why we created Synge Cocktail Studio™, our Operationally standard, state-of-the-art Bar and Studio. This allows our Mixologists to create Cocktails ranging from Boutique to Classics, for many channels like Casual Dine, Fine Dine, Quick Service and Eatertainment.

It’s not just a bar, it’s an operational test lab, training space, meeting area, photo and video production space, a place that encompasses everything and anything that has to do with the beverage world, and ultimately is the best resource for our mixology team.

With two fully stocked and working wells, 30 feet of working space, a 3-tiered Spirits back bar, Beer coolers, Wine chillers and a six tap Draft system, our bar set up is perfect for us to fully test, mix and train all at the same time. No matter if it’s a national account or a single unit, we create unique, easy-to-execute recipes using sound Operational standards all designed to minimize cost and maximize quality and production time.

The team brings creativity, classic skills and trend inspirations to create new and unique recipes. They are responsible for inspiring others in our industry by providing on-site mixology demonstrations, and supporting clients with roll-out training and education. Our in-house mixologists also participate in the beverage photo shoot process to ensure accurate look, build and color of every cocktail. It’s their love of the art and science of Mixology that elevates our Beverage services.

  • In-House Mixology
  • In-House Photography
  • Menu Design & Development
  • Drink Styling
  • Research & Consultation

  • Promotional Planning & Execution
  • Market & Trend Research
  • Bar & Restaurant Strategy Development
  • Annual Activation Strategic Planning/Calendar

Always remember – our bar is open for you. Collaboration, Mixology and R&D – we welcome everyone. Rest assured health and safety are of top priority.

Let’s shake things up together.

Fired Up Kitchen™

We have a stellar in-house culinary team with a tremendous amount of experience ranging from working with MICHELIN star chefs to single unit restaurants. Whether it be recipe innovation, menu evaluation, or working in tandem with the mixology team to maximize F & B pairings, our team of talented chefs have what it takes in the kitchen. This team also assists with photo shoots to ensure accurate representation, best practices with food styling that creates that “mouth-watering” look for unsurpassed menu representation.

Our team can create new menu items, work with suppliers to develop the perfect menu pairings for their products or their clients and all with the operations best practices in mind. Collaboration and staying ahead of trend is key and we have just the team of experts to deliver on this promise.

No matter the challenge or the ask, we can whip it up, bake it up or just stir it up – all in the comforts of the Ignite kitchen.

What can we cook up for you?

Creative & Design

We produce award winning, eye-catching, disruptive on-brand campaigns from ideation to execution. From original concept to finished production, you get results. We have the experience, wherewithal and relationships that deliver successful campaigns.

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design & Programming
  • Packaging
  • Menu Design & Development
  • POS Creation & Development
  • Beverage Activation Ideation & Execution
  • In-House Photography
  • Print & Production Services

  • Advertising
  • Corporate/Brand/Product Identity
  • Marketing Research & Consultation
  • Promotion Plans & Execution
  • Building & Space Rendering
  • Brand Creation & Restaurant Development

Beverage Program Marketing

We are your go-to 3rd party resource that activates the appropriate programs for all parties involved. The relationships we’ve built over the past two decades are what catapult your beverage program and participation results.

  • Participant Funding Negotiations and Management
  • Fund Scorecarding and KPI reporting
  • CRM/Database Supplier Relationship Management
  • Beverage Participation Activation Management
  • Bar & Restaurant Strategy Development
  • Activation Reporting and Activity-Based Metrics

  • POS Development, Printing and Fulfillment
  • Promotional & Incentive Materials
  • Consumer Sweepstakes
  • Reporting Analysis by Campaign and Year-Over-Year Programming

Research & Strategy

We utilize valuable insights resources like Mintel, Dattasential, Technomic and others that help us develop strategic building blocks required for successful plans.

  • Primary & Secondary Research
  • Consumer Insight & Brand Planning
  • Bar & Restaurant Strategy Development
  • Focus Groups
  • Market & Trend Research
  • Brand Construction & Expansion
  • Menu R&D
  • Annual Activation Strategic Planning/Annual Program Calendar

  • Engineering & GAP Analysis
  • F&B Cost Benefit & Purchasing Analysis
  • Legal Research & Consultation
  • Platform & Campaign Strategy
  • Materials Conception
  • Collateral & Sales Support
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • KPI Scorecarding

Legal Research, Review & Feedback

We’ve become known as the 3rd Party that gets better results by following the legal guidelines. Whether it’s federal, state-by-state or county-by-county, you can count on ICS to thoroughly do the homework that gets you the best possible strategies.

  • Beverage Specific Legal Counsel
    on Retainer
  • Main Point of Contact is Former
    Director for ABC
  • Legal Research for Federal and State-by-State program compliance

  • Category Research for Participant Funds and Subpart D Compliance
  • Promotions & Sweepstakes Research
  • General Feedback & Ethical Compliance

360º Training Program & Operations Support

Our restaurant and hospitality operations experience allows us to create and facilitate comprehensive and effective training programs for complete 4-walls activation and success.

  • Customized, Top to Bottom Manager Rollout Guides for Every Program
  • Supplemental Training Materials for Hourly Team Members
  • Step-By-Step Instructional Training Videos

  • In-Person “Train The Trainer” Sessions
  • Learning Management System &
    Course Development

Marketing & Promotions

We ensure consistency of the broadcast, out-of-home, print or internal messaging and the complementary use of the medium.

  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • CRM/Database Marketing
  • List Recommendations, Purchase, Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Customization & Personalization Content Plans

  • Promotional & Incentive Materials
  • Mailers & Fulfillment
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Consumer Sweepstakes

Interactive & Social Media

We help you create the connection with the customer and their association and loyalty with your participants brands.

  • Digital Media
  • Social Media Programming & Execution (Relative to Legal Application)
  • Website Design & Programming
  • Email Campaigns
  • Online Surveys & Other Data Collection

  • Results Tracking & Measurement
  • Online Advertising & Media
  • Viral & Organic Campaigns Relative to Legal Application
  • Maintenance & Ongoing Support

Event Management

Planning an event takes time, resources and patience. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

  • Tradeshow/GM Conference Development
  • Food & Beverage Manager Summits
  • Special Event Management
  • Private Parties

  • B-2-B & B-2-C Trade Events
  • Talent Organization & Selection
  • Campaign Execution & Training

We Are Unique

We’re the perfect blend of “Left brain & Right brain.”
The left brain is Operations, married to the Right brain, which controls strategy and creativity.

We Go beyond typical industry thinking.

We are Operators first to ensure 4-walls adoption and success.

We develop a campaign approach from an Operations mindset.

We are Operations experts.