We Don't Just Plan Events – We Orchestrate Masterpieces in Record Time

NEW YORK CITY, NY   The food and beverage family is tight. When someone in this big network puts out a call for help, friends answer their SOS. That’s what the Ignite Creative Services team did for their friends at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, and Ignite’s event management capabilities shone for this client event.

Just before Christmas, the London Stock Exchange Holiday Happy Hour Mixer was preparing to host upwards of 1500 invitees. Kristen Wheaton, Vice President of Experience for Alamo and her team were knee-deep in the planning stages for this iconic holiday party.

“The event kicked off at 28 Liberty Street and is in the heart of Wall Street in New York City,” says Kristen. “It’s the perfect location for bringing more awareness and events to the Alamo Drafthouse location on the basement level of our Cinema.”

Kristen has had a long-time connection with Celia Waddington, Founder and CEO of Ignite Creative Services LLC. “And Kristen’s team needed a hand to make the event as extraordinary as the venue!”

In a moment’s notice, the Ignite team of planners, servers, bartenders and photographer packed their bags. They boarded a plane and flew from their headquarters in Scottsdale Arizona to New York City. The troops had arrived!

They landed in New York just 56 hours before the event was to begin.

“We don’t just plan events – we orchestrate masterpieces in record time! Brace yourselves for a crash course in the art of quick turnaround, where precision meets party planning,” says Ignite Founder and CEO Celia Waddington.

“My team was ready. They were excited to be a part of this event. When we put on our white shirts, we roll up our sleeves and we are ready to greet the crowd.”

Ignite troops Brooke and Gus Vaeza, Zach Vosough, Eddie Garcia, Rob Ballard, and Ryan Waddington brought decades of food and beverage experience with them.

The event hosted up to 700 guests. Chefs prepared Mini Bahn Mi Hot Dogs, Chicken Skewers with “Dirty Martini” Aioli, Caprese Skewers and  Mini-Sliders. Bartenders served Stella Artois, Stone Delicious IPA, Guinigi Pinot Grigio, Tree Fort Cabernet and Guinigi Prosecco. And a Bourbon Peach Smash for a holiday cocktail.

Celia says, “In the world of quick turnarounds, flexibility is our middle name. We bend, twist, and pivot like a dance-off with deadlines. Our team swooped in to triple their staffing. Every move is a calculated step toward event success, ensuring a jaw-dropping spectacle without missing a beat.

Event Manager, Nick Isani says, “Thank you again for all of your help with making yesterday such a success! It went better than I could have imagined it would and you helped with so much of the heavy lifting that I am totally indebted to you.” Nick says, “It was awesome and your whole team was so fantastic to work with! I can’t thank you enough!”

Guests of the event commented that it was a very special night. The food was wonderful and the drinks were spot on. The staff made everything flow and created a very festive atmosphere. What a wonderful night.

Everyone provided a key part to making this happen and cannot show my appreciation enough to Celia and the Ignite Team along with Harv, one of our Supplier colleagues, who always shows amazing support. On ward and upward!! Cheers,” says Kristen.

Together, Ignite Creative Services and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema spin quick turnarounds into unforgettable experiences. Celia says, “What a testament to incredible teamwork. Thank you for sharing Kristen. Congrats Nick, goal achieved. Cheers to all!”

Let’s share a drink. Reach out if you would like more information on what Ignite Creative Services can do for you.