BBB 2023 Assembly

As a BBB Board Member, Celia attended the 52nd International BBB Assembly in San Diego, California. This event underscored the vital role of local Better Business Bureaus (BBBs) and the imperative for transformative changes to harness their robust brand amidst evolving landscapes in Data, Technology, and Marketing.

About The Event

The assembly stressed the significance of BBB Accreditation for businesses and the continuous need to enhance, measure, adapt, and communicate this value proposition for enduring success.

The event’s agenda revolved around key areas like Data, Technology, Marketing, and Learning, fostering unity among stakeholders and fortifying local impact. Attendees had the invaluable opportunity to network, establish connections, and cultivate trust.

The Better Business Bureau Pacific Southwest team, led by Matt Fehling, diligently ensured that every participant had a memorable and meaningful experience, leaving them inspired for the future of BBBs and their pivotal role in the business community.

The Keynote Speaker at the Assembly was Curt Cronin, a distinguished Navy SEAL veteran with a 20-year career, was inspiring. With 13 deployments and four years overseas, his leadership thrived in high-stakes situations. He transformed SEAL units and pioneered counterterrorism operations. Curt’s message centers on the power of aligned teams in the information age, emphasizing leadership and courage. His poignant reflection on 9/11 underscored the importance of unity and resilience. As the founder of Aiki Partners, he advises organizations on fostering cultures of innovation. Curt’s journey, including graduating fifth in his class from the United States Naval Academy and receiving prestigious awards, exemplifies his exceptional leadership and dedication to inspiring individuals and organizations globally.

Sunset Harbor Cruise

As part of our commitment, Ignite Creative Services proudly provided the featured cocktail for the sunset harbor cruise, aptly named the “Sparked Marg.” Attendees relished this special treat while taking in the breathtaking San Diego scenery. Furthermore, we extended our support to the BBB organization by generously offering “Tipples” deals for the upcoming holiday season, reinforcing our dedication to engage with and back the BBB community.

Mixology and Signature Cocktail Art by Ignite Creative Services