Campaigns with a Cause

Ignite’s in-house studio has been buzzing with creativity. We had the privilege of photographing and designing banners for Hal Smith Restaurant Group’s “Drink for Pink” campaign, dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast Cancer Awareness is not just another campaign for us; it’s personal. It’s a cause that resonates deeply with the Hal Smith Restaurant Group (HSRG) family and, by extension, with us. We recognize the importance of raising awareness about breast cancer, supporting survivors, and funding crucial research. It’s a mission that we’re wholeheartedly committed to.

Throughout the month of October, you’ll encounter these inspiring banners adorning the walls of 52 restaurant locations. Each of these banners tells a story of hope, resilience, and solidarity. They are more than just visual elements; they are symbols of support for those affected by breast cancer. They serve as a reminder of the strength of community when it comes together for a common purpose.

Donations to Breast Cancer Awareness

What’s even more remarkable about the “Drink for Pink” campaign is its potential to make a tangible difference. The goal is to sell 50,000 cocktails during the month to raise $50,000, and the proceeds from this campaign will be directed toward a donation to Breast Cancer Awareness. Already, midway through October, we are thrilled to share that Hal Smith Restaurant Group has raised over $26,000 in support of this cause.

We firmly believe in the power of collective action. It’s the knowledge that every cocktail, every gesture of support, and every dollar raised takes us one step closer to making a substantial impact. It’s about being a part of a broader mission, and we are honored to contribute our creativity and support to this meaningful campaign.

As October unfolds, and as you visit their restaurant locations, we invite you to be a part of this cause. Together, we can help make a significant contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness, funding research, offering support, and spreading hope.

Join us in sipping a cocktail for a cause, and let’s make a difference, one pink drink at a time.