The better the vessel, the better the experience.

We know that theater and cocktail craft meld into a unique experience when a creative vessel has been placed on the table.

Ignite was asked to develop a Tiki platform using strategic ideation, innovative mixology, and sourcing the perfect and most unique Tiki vessel.


The Tiki culture is about escapism, forgetting the outside world and transporting yourself to a Polynesian paradise. First gaining popularity in the mid 30’s, the consumer saw the Tiki movement as a way to temporarily forget about the woes of the current world climate and make drinking fun again. Knowing this, we jumped into strategic action to create the perfect “escape” vessel.

We commissioned Dave Cohen (aka Squid), to create a custom Tiki mug. A professional artist who has crafted over 200 original Tiki mug designs, he was tasked to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Once a sketch was approved, Dave got in the studio and got to work. When he emerged, covered in clay, he presented us with a replica of an Easter Island statue. We knew immediately that the statue was the embodiment of authentic “escape” Tiki we were looking for.

The even better part? The “First Edition” inscription on the bottom of the mug, a clear indication of the start of a collectable tradition for our Operator client.

The takeaway, when mixology is crafted from strategic insight and by passionate design, the vessel that contains the cocktail will be just as special.