Embracing new fermented flavors and cuisines like Kimchi is a natural progression on American dining menus.

Fermented foods that are house made, offer restaurants a low-cost way to increase the value of customer’s perception while delivering new innovations and culinary expansions.

Are you a fish sauce fiend? A pickle purist? Sauerkraut superfan? Maybe you like the occasional funky Bleu Cheese? If you said yes to any of these, you’re into fermentation.

Preserving food using microorganisms has been around since the dawn of culinary creation, And fermentation has suddenly gone from a relic of yesteryear to a massive food trend.

Fermentation done well can create deep, resonant flavors that don’t come from anything else. There is a seemingly endless variety of fermented foods available on the market already, illustrating that many countries include fermented foods as staples in their diets.


If you are ready to discover the road to fermentation, try some foods that are rich in probiotics:

You can enjoy these fermented foods as zesty condiments, beverages, rich flavorings or all by themselves. Pretty soon, it will be second nature to keep a six pack of Kombucha Tea to pair with any meal in place of a beer.