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What’s the Difference?

What separates a Mixologist from a Bartender? Or a Cook from a Chef? Not all bartenders possess the intricate knowledge required to be referred to as mixologists and there are two things that make a chef: professional preparation and a degree.

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Spirited Women

Women are now running distilleries and producing some of the finest spirits in the world. Women are disrupting the spirits industry with their diverse voices.

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Trash to Treasure: Making Mixology Sustainable

Repurposing herbs, fruit and produce for sustainable cocktails.

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Tell Me a Story

Crafting the right content gives life to promoting a spirit or cocktail. The teetotalling truth how a storyline can improve your sales. Innovation in a libation is half the battle. The science behind brand history and engaging guests even before the first sip.

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Spirited Cooking. How to Blend Beautifully.

Being successful in cooking with spirits means using your senses like eyes as well as your taste buds when choosing pairings.

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Sea & Smoke

Sea & Smoke pairs five incredible Scotches with five exceptional Oysters. Each have unique characteristics from the regions where they were born, and all pair beautifully with these Oyster choices.

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The Hidden Psychology of Menu Design – An Art to the Nudge

Menu designers use the lessons of behavioral economics to persuade consumers into ordering what the brand wants. Certain real estate on a menu is strategically used to protect profit while other sections are used to encourage impulse buying.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Legal

Kim and Celia wrangle beverage legalities during the Tool Box Session at Hospitality Executive Exchange East.

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Removing the “Shun” from Menu Evaluation

Menu engineering & analysis are quite the hot topics these days and ICS is here to help.

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The Best Tech Moments of 2016

What a year for tech. For every hack, exploding smartphone or imploding startup, there were just as many memorable highlights.

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