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Tasting Menus Reach More Than Just Elite

We take a bite out of the myth that only the wealthy can afford a tasting menu. Gone are the days of two-for-one meals and reverse happy hours. Restaurants are now pushed to ask themselves what they can do to offer diners an experience that they’ll never forget. Let’s take a taste of what’s trending.

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What’s the Difference?

What separates a Mixologist from a Bartender? Or a Cook from a Chef? Not all bartenders possess the intricate knowledge required to be referred to as mixologists and there are two things that make a chef: professional preparation and a degree.

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Power of the Pack

Women supporting women reaches new heights in the culinary world. WCR has been connecting women in the culinary world for over 25 years.

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Tasty Spirits: A dessert charcuterie is a spirited companion.

A curated selection of sweet and savory bites that plays well with Spirits. We developed a dessert charcuterie as a perfect complement for a spirit tasting.

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Bite the Bulliet: A Case Study of Bourbon & BBQ

Move over beer. Burgers have a new best friend and its Bourbon, Bulleit Bourbon to be exact. The Bite the Bulleit platform pairs Burgers, Bourbon and BBQ in a unique way.

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Whisky and the Whisk: A Marriage Made in the Kitchen

Grab your Liquor from your bar cart and bring it to the kitchen. We give a shot of Scotch Whisky new life by using it in an inventive application.

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Spirited Cooking. How to Blend Beautifully.

Being successful in cooking with spirits means using your senses like eyes as well as your taste buds when choosing pairings.

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Sea & Smoke

Sea & Smoke pairs five incredible Scotches with five exceptional Oysters. Each have unique characteristics from the regions where they were born, and all pair beautifully with these Oyster choices.

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Menu Engineering – Profitability & Popularity

Menu Engineering – profitability and popularity – how these two factors influence culinary and cocktail “real estate” in menus.

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Legendary Cocktails & Culinary Creations

Ignite consistently strives to bring innovation, strategy and experience with All cocktail and culinary programs. Do your programs need to be fired up?

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