Insights Matchbook: 1Huddle

Five Benefits of Implementing Game-Based Learning

Did you know that the average human attention span is just 10 seconds? Surprisingly, a goldfish holds focus for 13 seconds! Yep, we’ve got a shorter attention span than your kid’s prized fair win. This sheds light on why traditional employee training methods fall short – we forget 70% of what we learn within a mere 3 days.

Introducing 1Huddle: A Game-Changing Solution

Enter 1Huddle, part of our Insights Matchbook platform. It revolutionizes staff training with quick, science-backed mobile games that amp up engagement and skills. With 1Huddle, you’ll see tangible results, boosting sales and revenue. It flips traditional training on its head, offering a single, fun platform that transforms team members’ view of their role from just a job to a career.

Simple, Seamless, and Fun

Learning becomes a blast with 1Huddle’s exclusive game builder. Accessible on any device via the mobile app, games can be played anywhere, anytime. Plus, who doesn’t love rewards? Managers can track real-time data, rewarding achievers and pinpointing areas for improvement.

With thousands of games covering various topics like sales, customer service, compliance, safety, and technical skills, 1Huddle offers an on-demand training library like no other.

Transform Your Training Approach

Ready to level up? Discover five game-changing benefits that’ll have your team clamoring for more. From turbocharged engagement to real-world skill mastery, gamification holds the key to training success. Dive into game-based learning today and witness your team’s ascent to new heights. Learn more about game-based learning.