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EMERGING and Their Groundbreaking Fund

At Ignite Creative Services, we’re dedicated to creating and leading trends. We’re excited to highlight one of our standout partners, EMERGING, and their innovative EMERGING Fund. Get ready to explore how this powerhouse is reshaping the F&B landscape.

Meet EMERGING: The Visionaries

Ignite thrives on pushing boundaries and setting new trends. That’s why our collaboration with EMERGING, the force behind platforms like 1Huddle and F&B Insights, is so exciting. EMERGING is at the forefront of the restaurant and entertainment industries, driving transformation and innovation with a commitment to excellence.

The EMERGING Fund: A Revolution in the Making

Since its launch in March 2023, the EMERGING Fund has been more than a financial venture; it’s a catalyst for growth. Combining capital investments with mentorship and strategic resources, this fund is designed to propel F&B ventures to new heights, ensuring they not only compete but lead.

The Power Players

What sets the EMERGING Fund apart is its team of 70 industry leaders, from tech innovators to seasoned restaurateurs. This curated group brings unparalleled expertise and influence, providing a robust foundation for the fund’s ambitious projects.

Standout Investments

EMERGING’s portfolio showcases some of the most exciting names in the industry. Puttshack, an experiential entertainment concept from the creators of TopGolf, and Botrista, an automated beverage solution engineered by a former Tesla engineer, highlight their strategic and impactful investments. EMERGING’s approach is hands-on, offering data-driven strategies and real estate insights to support brand growth.

Tech Triumphs

In the tech arena, EMERGING is making significant strides. Their investment in 1Huddle is revolutionizing workforce training with engaging, gamified learning solutions. Tablz, another innovative investment, monetizes premium restaurant seating, transforming how venues manage and profit from their real estate. These technological advancements are not only lucrative but also redefine industry standards.

Looking Ahead

Looking forward, EMERGING is focused on long-term success. For the remainder of 2024, they aim to solidify partnerships that will support their early investments through to substantial growth stages, including potential billion-dollar valuations and IPOs. By fostering enduring strategic relationships, EMERGING ensures a smooth and prosperous growth journey for their portfolio companies.

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Mathew Focht, CEO and founder EMERGING, co-founder of Consolidated Concepts, and founder of Emerging Concepts