Wine is very enjoyable on its own, but it pairs exceptionally well with fruit and herbs in refreshing cocktails. Your go-to Wine cocktail is probably a pitcher of Sangria, but Wine can be used in so many different ways to create delicious drinks year-round. Let’s take a sip.

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Spritzers, Fizzes, Sangria—we’ll take ’em all.

Wine can be a delicious and secretly versatile addition to cocktails, enlivening your bar menu with new flavors, aromas, and colors.

There are two directions you can go when crafting a Wine cocktail: one where Wine is the base ingredient, or one where it’s plays a supporting role.

When blending, it is best to see the characteristics of the Wine as complementary to the spirit it is being blended with. You can elevate Wine as another artisan, craft ingredient that can make any drink innovation just a bit more special.

As an example, a touch of port, Malbec, or Rosé can enhance the flavors of a well-prepared libation, resulting in a luscious and velvety smooth innovation.

A predominantly Wine-based cocktail has another advantage; it’s an easy and familiar way to build a lower-alcohol drink which continues to trend.

Offering Wine cocktails helps to diversify the consumption occasion. In fact, the use of Wine in cocktails on restaurant menus grew by 13% from 2014 to 2018 according to Mintel Menu Insights.

Cocktails with Wine are continuing to expand. It used to be just cocktails and spirits, but wine is now taking on a bigger role.