Major Wins for Bosscal Mezcal

We’d like to take a moment to congratulate our clients at Bosscal Mezcal. They hired Ignite to create Mixology and Photography assets to help them develop content for their On-Premise sales decks. And boy are we proud of the outcome.

Between our Cocktail recipes, photography, and their awesome sales skills, they’ve landed yet another set of accounts. It all started with Swingers NYC, then moving into the 1,200 unit Buffalo Wild Wings chain, to Hooters’ 200 Corporate locations. Most recently, they gained Carnival Cruise (fleetwide) and Ruby Tuesday (all 223 locations) to roll in early May. Furthermore, they’ve just passed the 100 case mark for Swingers!

We couldn’t be happier for our Bosscal team. It takes a village, and we happen to think our strategic and creative expertise along with distinct presentations are just the right solution to sales teams getting noticed and winning On-Premise placements.