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Have A Nice Flight

Enjoy this unique approach to flights which juxtaposes three very different cocktail styles to form an eclectic line-up of options. Cocktail flights are a fun and trendy format to enjoy and experience several different options simultaneously.

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Cherchez la femme

We took our inspiration from the spirited women who are making their mark in the cocktail & culinary world. The power of pink rings loud and clear in this beautiful cocktail topped with a heavenly foam.

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Meet Your Matcha: The Matcha Mojito

Once your fresh produce starts to turn the last thing you want to do is trash it! This Matcha Mojito utilizes products to their fullest and makes a fantastic cocktail out of potential waste.

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Whisky and the Whisk: A Marriage Made in the Kitchen

Grab your Liquor from your bar cart and bring it to the kitchen. We give a shot of Scotch Whisky new life by using it in an inventive application.

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Sea & Smoke

Sea & Smoke pairs five incredible Scotches with five exceptional Oysters. Each have unique characteristics from the regions where they were born, and all pair beautifully with these Oyster choices.

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Aviation Sangria

This Spring Sangria takes flight with Aviation American Gin, Campari and Estancia Pinot Grigio. Sunny skies ahead when we add fresh fruit flavors to the mix.

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