Tipflation and the Shifting Tipping Culture

There was a time when most diners anticipated leaving a tip when they went out for a meal, a percentage of their bill. For many, that fell between 15 – 20%, sometimes more if they enjoyed exceptional service. Then, they started being asked to leave a gratuity in a growing number of places every time they faced a payment app. Mat Focht, CEO of Emerging, shares his thoughts on how tipping is evolving.

In recent discussions, there’s been a growing concern over the escalation of tipping norms. Is it truly necessary to offer a 20% gratuity for a simple transaction like purchasing a muffin? Additionally, the awkwardness of encountering tipping prompts on payment screens raises questions about the evolving etiquette surrounding tipping.

Balancing the desire to acknowledge outstanding service with the discomfort of feeling obligated to tip for mediocre service has become a delicate matter. The imposition of mandatory gratuity add-ons by certain establishments only amplifies these concerns, eliciting frustration among many patrons.

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