Menu Engineering

Beverage Menu Makeover Success Story

Last fall, we analyzed Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill’s beverage menu, redesigned it to boost sales and profitability, attract more customers, and broaden its appeal. Our process involved a comprehensive evaluation of every menu aspect, driven by our dedication to excellence and innovation.

Unveiling Insights

Our first step was to meticulously assess the current beverage menu, considering factors such as cocktail options, pricing, flow, design, and more. Through detailed analysis and GAP assessment, we unearthed valuable insights that formed the foundation of our redesign strategy. Drawing upon industry trends, consumer preferences, and data-driven research, we identified key opportunities to elevate Hotshots’ beverage offerings. By aligning with emerging trends and product categories, we aimed to better position them in the competitive landscape.

Elevating Design

A creative and effective menu design is essential to engaging customers and driving sales. Our team worked hard to develop a visually stunning layout that showcases Hotshots’ beverage offerings in the best possible light. Through strategic placement, enticing descriptions, and captivating photography, the new design is poised to captivate their diverse clientele and beyond.

Maximizing Revenue Through Efficiency

Efficiency and profitability were at the forefront of our redesign strategy. By streamlining the menu, removing unnecessary items, and strategically placing cocktail offerings, we’re creating opportunities for upselling and maximizing revenue. Our menu engineering approach not only enhances sales but also optimizes operations, ensuring a seamless experience for both staff and patrons.

As we approached the final stages of the project, our team was committed to delivering nothing short of excellence. From detailed instructions to the design team to the creation of captivating infographics, every aspect of the redesign process is meticulously crafted to exceed expectations.


We’re thrilled to report that the cocktail we predicted to be the best seller based on all the metrics we took into consideration did come to pass; the Strawberry Smash is far and away the crowd favorite. So, if you’re looking to revamp your menu to increase sales and profitability or you’re just ready for a different look altogether, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll get started on Firing Up Your Brand Potential.