Being successful in cooking with spirits means using your senses like eyes as well as your taste buds when choosing pairings.

We can overcomplicate this mutually beneficial relationship with stiff rules. Our simple guide to success includes:

  • Don’t cook with anything you wouldn’t drink; you need a quality spirit for the best experience just like choosing quality proteins and produce.
  • While you can’t substitute alcohol for water all the time, you can swap out a bit of water for some beer or wine when you want added flavor.
  • Start by adding just a little bit of alcohol to your marinade, as too much can denature the proteins and affect the texture.

Kim Gouch, Principal Owner, Ignite Creative Services said it best:

What is the science of why food tastes so good? – because we’re born with many senses; Taste, See, Hear, Smell and Feel. All are used when preparing and consuming our food. But remember to not overcomplicate your innovations by taking the ‘less is more’ approach when creating your masterpieces.