Hotshots New Beverage Menu

Last fall, we analyzed Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill’s beverage menu, redesigned it to boost sales and profitability, attract more customers, and broaden its appeal. Our process involved a comprehensive evaluation of every menu aspect, driven by our dedication to excellence and innovation.

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Love was in the Air at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Lovebirds and lone wolves alike flocked to Alamo Drafthouse this February to indulge in the romance of cinema and culinary delights. The limited time “XOXO, Alamo” menu stole hearts with its delectable offerings.

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Ignite Your Menu with Insights Matchbook

We get it; pricing is an art form. With Insights Matchbook, it's not just about setting a number; it's about crafting a masterpiece. Let's break it down and chat about how AI-driven insights can revolutionize your menu pricing strategy. From identifying sweet spots to outsmarting competitors, we've got the lowdown on making your menu the star of the show.

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At ICS, we like to play as hard as we work. Sometimes we capture it for all to see.