Self Promotion

It probably goes without saying that we are living in challenging times and the ability to pivot is paramount. As is the ability to remain relevant and top-of-mind. Regardless of the type of business you run or the type of service you provide, self-promotion is more important now than ever.

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Nielsen U.S. Alcohol Update

Takeout and delivery remained important, with 65% ordering food and 11% ordering alcohol. The most popular means of ordering alcohol for takeout/delivery are directly from restaurants/bars (45%), from third party delivery apps (38%) and from online liquor, wine and beer retailers (31%).

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Our Industry in the Post-Pandemic: It’s All About the Customer

What is the new normal for our industry? We have seen massive changes in the beverage alcohol industry in the last 10 weeks due to Covid-19. What behaviors will continue as our nation slowly comes out of their homes and back to society?

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Boundary-Breaking Spirits

Alcoholic drink manufacturers are looking at beverage innovation to continue appealing to fickle consumers. In order to stay relevant, traditional beverage categories must expand. Companies like Three Spirit and Seedlip are on a mission to change the way the world drinks.

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Fermenting a Frenzy

Fermenting is used to make everything from sauces, to beverages, breads and pickles. This process offers a way to preserve fruits and vegetables beyond the local harvest season and adds additional layers of flavor for complexity and sophistication.

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Barrel Full of Cocktails

Aging in barrels is a practice that is typically reserved for makers of bourbons and wines. However cocktails are now joining in and reaping the benefits. Barrel Aging is the process of using wood and time to change the flavor of a product placed within during maturation.

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Bar Business Magazine

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Restaurant News Release

Ignite Creative Services Launches “Family First Career Networking Initiative” – Read the Article

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